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Bullet Skateboard Trucks
$25.00 - $28.00

Classic geometry for all terrain shredding. Premium high rebound 88a cushions. Integrated bottom cushion cup. Super strong hanger design. Grade 8 kingpin. [more]

Powell Peralta Bones Brigade Tommy Guerrero OG Dagger Reissue Deck (BLUE)

Specifications Deck Shape 198 Deck Concave SP0 Deck Wheelbase 15" Deck Length 29.13" Deck Width 9.6" Deck Nose 2.88" Deck Tail 6.25" Details Original shape and graphic from the 1980's. Seventh Series Screened top and bottom graphics, applied with heat and pressure. Seven plies of US hard rock… [more]

Santa Cruz Skate Star Wars Darth Vader Inlay Collectible Deck

Darth Vader™ Inlay 10.35" X 31" Santa Cruz Skateboards™ is honored to collaborate with Lucasfilm™ to present our Exclusive Special Edition Star Wars™ collection of Decks and Cruzers. Known for some of the most iconic graphics in skateboarding history, Santa Cruz has created new, exclusive… [more]

Remember Collective The Pee Wee

The Pee-Wee 62mm x 38mm 82a The Pee Wee is a 65 mm center set wheel with a 38mm contact patch. Our high rebound formula mixed with the round lip of this wheel makes the Pee Wee a slide monster. If you want a predictable slide and freeride wheel that will wear exactly how it should, these are the… [more]

Bennett Vector 5.0 Classic Silver Trucks

Continuing the 1970's legacy, the folks at Bennett have brought their iconic brand back to the market with the updated Vector truck line. Sand-cast in the USA and built with the tall style cushions, Bennett trucks will turn on a dime and make surfing streets and carving banks a blast. Excellent… [more]

Caliber - 10" 44Deg RAW Trucks

The 44-degree hanger angle allows performance riders to push the limits of downhill racing. To further optimize the trucks’ stability, the blood orange bushings are configured with two medium-durometer barrels to avoid high-speed wobbles. Like all caliber trucks, the kingpin is made of grade 8… [more]

Santa Cruz Skate Hybrid Hand Mini Deck

Get your youngster started on a board that that's designed for them. This Santa Cruz mini deck is 7.4 inches wide and 27.6 inches long. Made for smaller kids. Suggested for those under 10 years or so depending on their size. [more]

Santa Cruz Skate Star Wars Boba Fett Inlay Collectible Deck

Santa Cruz Skateboards™ and Lucasfilm™ have collaborated once again to release the next round of our Exclusive Special Edition Star Wars™ collection of decks and cruzers. The entire Boba Fett Inlay graphic is constructed using Mapa Burl, Rustic Burl, Padouk, Ebony and Walnut Burl wood veneers that… [more]

Santa Cruz Skate Jammer Lion God Cruzer

The Jammer Lion God Cruzer by Santa Cruz. This Cruzer is 7.4in x 29.1in and features high quality components: Bullet 107 Trucks and OJ 60mm Hot Juice, soft cruzer wheels. Great for beginners and the skilled! [more]

Krooked Zip Zinger Nano Classic (GREEN)

The Nano is the smallest in the Krooked Zip line up. Great first time mini for the smaller riders or sick little slalom board for the more advanced. - Length: 30.25" - Width: 7.125" - 7 ply construction [more]

Loaded Kanthaka Comp Narrower

Like its namesake from Buddhist legend, the Kanthaka is an agile, muscular, and loyal steed for any rider seeking a swift and exciting journey to double-kick freeride enlightenment. Blurring the lines between street skating and freeriding, the Kanthaka builds off contemporary skate design and… [more]

Penny 22" Graphic Woodstock Complete

The new Penny Woodstock Tie Dye Skateboard 22 inch is brand new for 2015 and features a psychedelic twist on last years Tie Dye. The extremely vibrant colours are inspired by hippie style from the late 60's and the summer festival culture of today. The Woodstock Penny board comes with white trucks… [more]

Remember Collective The Merika

The Merika model is a well-rounded city smasher. The versatility of this board is amazing. You can transition from smashing the streets to bombing the gnarliest hills. With its fully functional kick tail you can pop any trick you want. The micro drops in the foot bed makes it a functional… [more]

Skate Designs The Octopus Swallow Tail

Black L: 33.0" | W: 9" | WB: 17.5" Wood: 7 ply HardRock Maple Trucks: LUXE 6" Wheels: Wing 65MM 78A Bearings: LUXE Abec 5 Risers: LUXE 1/2" wedge [more]

Santa Cruz Skate Star Wars Boba Fett Pintail

Santa Cruz Skateboards™ is honored to collaborate with Lucasfilm™ to present our Exclusive Special Edition Star Wars™ collection of Decks and Cruzers. Known for some of the most iconic graphics in skateboarding history, Santa Cruz has created new, exclusive interpretations of your favorite… [more]

Santa Cruz Skate Screaming Hand Shark Cruzer

What happens when you combine Jim Phillips' legendary Screaming Hand graphic and the beloved Land Shark cruzer? The Screaming Hand Shark by Santa Cruz Skateboards. Excellent cruzer for beginners. Bullet 140 trucks and Slime Ball 66mm 78a wheels mean this baby cruises super fast over rough roads… [more]