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One Big Way You Could Be Hurting Your Bike

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Not Washing Your Bike Could Cost You More Money In The Long Run

Washing is especially important if you use your bottle cage for sugary drinks that might slosh onto the frame. Bike + sticky, sugary liquid = gradual disaster in the form of deteriorated shifting from sugar collecting at the bottom bracket. It’s better to clean it off before disaster strikes. A regular cleaning will also remove any buildup of dirt in the drivetrain (chain & gears) to keep it spinning smoothly.  It will also reduce friction and wear from dirt and grime rubbing against the moving parts. Plus, getting your bike cleaned involves the technician examining it up close, which offers the opportunity to find minor damage before it becomes major. Get your bike cleaned every time you get it dirty—and even if you don’t get it dirty, clean it every 20 to 25 rides. With our Everyday Low Price on our Wash & Lube service, it's affordable! 

What we do for you (and your bike):

  • Spray your bicycle with an eco-friendly degreaser and mild detergent.
  • Powerwash all dirt and grease off the entire bicycle and dry it.
  • Inspect all parts for wear and tear and advise you if any need replacement right away or would need replacement in the near future.
  • Lubricate all moving parts.
  • Air the tires. 

All work is performed by qualified, trained bicycle technicians who know how to work on all makes and models of bikes.